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What we do: Consulting

Laura and Julie

Laura and Julie

We help senior leaders in the social impact sector through advice on how to raise money and keep raising money, based on our experience and depth of knowledge in the sector.

We are expert at consulting in the social impact sector. We are passionate about helping organizations to grow and prosper.

Our ideal clients are social impact organizations who understand the need to invest in order to grow and be sustainable.

We provide our clients with a variety of services that include things like coaching and mentoring the entire organization on creating a culture of engagement and mentoring passionate people into their role as a fundraiser.

To do this, we’re going to ensure that our products are distinct, our services and relationships are breakthrough and here are the actions we’ll take to make sure that happens:

  • We will continue to inform ourselves about ground-breaking research and use it to further our clients’ goals.
  • We will customize our work with each client and not provide “off the shelf” solutions.
  • We will strive to build capacity within the organization by providing high-level advice and guidance.
  • We will continue to raise the profile of the social impact sector with a goal to increase understanding and collaboration with the corporate and government sectors.

And we’ll continue to provide sharp commentary on various issues related to the sector.

What we don’t:

We don’t respond to RFPs. But we would love to chat with you about how we can work together.

The Essentials of Fundraising

A concise and useful resource on the essential things you need to know about donors and fundraising, developed by Mikuska Group for ArtSupport Manitoba.

The Essentials of Fundraising

Understanding Fundraising Workshop

Julie and Laura will be presenting a workshop on June 8 from 1-4 pm for CCED-Net at the United Way of Winnipeg classroom. Register on the CCEDNet website here.

If your organization’s idea of fundraising is organizing a gala or selling raffle tickets, this half-day workshop will open your eyes to what fundraising really is and how it can help you be sustainable. We’ll cover what motivates people to give, how you can communicate effectively with donors through telling stories, how and when you can ask them to give, and how you can manage your relationships effectively. You will also hear about creating a culture of engagement and philanthropy in your organizations, and how everyone, from program staff, to board members and volunteers, can be part of this culture.

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