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I recently attended the Western Sponsorship Congress, which is an annual event put on by The Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists. Brent Barootes and his team delivered another great congress full of stories and advice to raise the bar on sponsorship in Canada. As part of their work, they partnered with REPUCOM to produce the 2015 Consumer Sponsorship Rankings, an exclusive Canadian research study on sponsorship.

Among the most interesting statistics from the study were with respect to Municipalities and Sponsorship. 85% of respondents said that companies should be able to sponsor public spaces such as hockey rinks, ball parks and recreational facilities. Clearly there’s an appetite for attracting revenue through corporate sponsorship!

Municipalities often complain there’s not enough revenue to do the things they need to do. With all the assets they own, from parks to bridges, from walking trails to arenas, there is lots to offer corporate sponsors to meet their needs. This is an important revenue stream – is your municipality paying attention?

Laura Mikuska


Why nonprofits should join a Chamber of Commerce

One of our clients, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY) has been a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce member for the last four years. Scott Angus, Community Engagement Coordinator, explains why nonprofits should join the chamber:

“As a not-for-profit agency it is crucial to continually streamline your development and marketing initiatives to maximize reach while allowing more resources to be allocated to your cause. However, streamlining does not necessarily mean diminishing or banishing investments to your organization’s development and marketing functions. Rather, it means striving for optimal return from the promotional investments that are a fit for your organization.

At Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY) we have invested in a Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce membership for four years running now. As a development investment, our Chamber membership is only as valuable as the commitment we allocate to it. Making a membership to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce a part of your overall organizational and marketing strategies is critical to getting optimal return out of the membership.

This membership has provided many opportunities and benefits to RaY that have increased our brand awareness and led to support that directly impacts marginalized youth in our city.

The Chamber will hold 125 events in 2015, and by continually attending as many as possible, RaY has increased our ability to not only engage with a network of over 2,060 organizations but also stay up to date on current issues that affect our organization, the business climate, and professional development opportunities.

You may not get to the ‘finish line’ by attending one event. But by consistently attending and learning about new ways to further use your Chamber membership, that’s when results become evident. Over four years of membership, RaY has been able to engage individuals and organizations to support our organization and collaborate with us. It is a work in progress, but RaY has introduced itself to the business community and will continue to foster those relationships. A significant part of that has been possible by consistently utilizing our Chamber membership.

Each organization’s development and marketing strategy is unique in its own right, depending on organizational values and priorities. But all not-for-profits should consider a membership to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce because by committing to it, access to an entirely new and influential audience is realized.”

In addition to Scott attending events, he also holds a leadership position as co-chair of the Chamber’s South Chapter, and is a Chamber Ambassador, positions which provide even more visibility for him and RaY.

Shouldn’t you be at the Chamber?

Laura Mikuska


Businesses: Beyond gold, silver, bronze sponsorships

Is this scenario familiar to you?

You are approached by a charitable organization for a sponsorship, typically through a package that lists “Gold, Silver, Bronze” type recognition levels and the benefits each one provides. You’re offered a hole, a table, a booth, or some other such “visibility” opportunity. Or you’re asked to donate a prize for a silent auction or raffle in exchange for some recognition (logo soup, anyone?).

How did these types of approaches make you feel?

Most likely you felt obligated to “give back” to the community and help out the cause. That’s not a bad way to feel, but it’s certainly not what sponsorship is meant to be.

Did anyone ask you how they could help you achieve your business goals through sponsorship?

Mikuska Group Inc. is offering a new program for business – helping you define your sponsorship goals and creating a program that leverages your sponsorships to meet those goals.

We can help you:

  • understand the principles of sponsorship
  • define your business goals
  • create your program for maximum ROI

 If you want to support community causes and achieve your business goals, contact us to find out how.

Laura Mikuska.


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