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In a world where everyone gets enough

Do you have enough? What does having enough mean?

Having enough means you can participate in society with dignity. Those that don’t have enough have to rely on the charity of others. And that can take away their dignity.

Think about those who don’t have enough – they’re panhandling for food, visiting a food bank to pick up a few canned goods, sleeping at the shelter or on the street, and looking for donated clothing and shoes. Their Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) cheques aren’t enough to have enough to eat, find adequate and safe housing or buy warm clothes. And it’s even worse for those that have to provide for their children or those with a disability that prevents them from participating in the workforce. Most are deeply ashamed.

Now let’s think about providing everyone with a basic guaranteed income. Instead of panhandling, they’re going to the grocery store and buying the food their family needs. They’re clothing their family and finding safe and affordable housing. They’re going to school. ¬†All without having to rely on the charity of others. They’re participating in society and contributing to the economy. With dignity.

We need to take care of our citizens, so everyone¬†can realize their hopes and dreams. Canada is a caring country and we’ll all be richer for it.

Laura Mikuska


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