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Why we need a national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women (2)

(I first wrote a version of this post in December, 2014).

I’m not aboriginal. But that’s exactly why I’ve lent my voice to those calling for an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.

If we are to create a society that values all human life, we need to understand why aboriginal women and girls are devalued. To those who say,”There are already so many studies, we already know what we need to know,” I say that the studies to date have not prevented the violence.

A national inquiry is not only for aboriginal people. It’s also for people like me. I need to understand so I can learn and be part of preventing violence and lifting people up to their potential. To be part of making it possible for all people to achieve happiness, to live life without fear, and to be valued for their unique contributions.

And it’s not enough to be proud of solving the crimes once they’ve occurred. That’s of little solace to the families who want desperately for their daughter, sister, mother, aunt, and granddaughter to be with them, to have never had the crime occur in the first place. No law-and-order agenda will help after the fact.

“They” are us. And it’s up to us to figure it out together. The first step is a national inquiry. Bravo to the Trudeau government for fulfilling their promise to create one.

Julie Mikuska


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