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Ah, summer…time to thank your donors

Summer in Winnipeg means many people go to the lake, go camping or otherwise take time to enjoy our beautiful city and province.

It’s also a great time to thank donors.

You and your board members can tell donors how much they’re appreciated in a number of ways:

  • Take a stack of note cards to the lake and write a few every day. Handwritten cards are personal and thoughtful.
  • Invite donors for a tour to see how they are making a difference in the world.
  • Make thank you calls.
  • Ask if you can visit a donor if she’s not able to come for a tour.
  • Send a video with clients or participants saying thank you for making a difference in their lives.

Above all, be sincere and authentic, and give them concrete examples of how they are changing lives. They will remember that you made them feel good.

Julie Mikuska.


Getting people to give in June

I’ve been annoyed whenever I see social impact organizations asking me on social media or in emails to vote for them to compete for $10,000 (or whatever the amount). They’re not engaging donors this way, and not even raising money.

However, The Great Canadian Giving Challenge has helped organizations use the power of their networks to encourage donors to give. In June – one of the slowest times of the year in fundraising.

In 2016, in its second year, the results were impressive. According to

52,000 Canadians participated, donating more than $8 million to over 8,600 charities, representing a 48% increase in donations compared to June 2014 and a 28% increase compared to 2015. Charities involved in #GivingChallengeCa for 2 years in a row earned 164% more vs. the 28% average increase.

It works like this: During June, donors give either through or Every dollar donated to a registered charitable organization gives one entry into the contest for that organization.  (Minimum donation of $3).

Organizations have access to a toolkit to help them create customized campaigns, with logos and strategies. The hashtag #GivingChallengeCA helps keep people up to date and gives them a chance to share.

The draw for the $10,000 is July 1. Now go work your social media!

Julie Mikuska.


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