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Just say no to not fundraising

“I’m not doing fundraising!”

We’ve all heard this common refrain from new and seasoned board members alike from all across the non profit spectrum. It’s time to challenge this attitude and just say “No!” to not fundraising.

Board members are the face and leadership of your organization and have a responsibility to build relationships between you and the community. Refusing to be involved in fundraising is missing the point. It’s not about asking for money, it’s about offering people the opportunity to have an impact.

What’s the main reason people shy away from something they don’t know? Fear. If you can help conquer the board members’ fear of the unknown, you’ll be able to introduce them to the joy of philanthropy. You can start by giving them a picture of what constitutes good fundraising practices. You can educate them on how a culture of engagement is beneficial to the organization’s bottom line. Then you can invite them to participate at a level that feels comfortable.

Fundraising is like swimming. If you jump in without any instruction, chances are you’ll drown. But with a few lessons, some practice and encouragement, you’ll find you can swim across the pool. Try the same approach with your board members. Be prepared to have to throw them a lifeline from time to time, but encourage them to jump back in as soon as possible. ¬†They’ll be swimming their way to victory in no time.

Laura Mikuska



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