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What tourism can teach us

Recent visits to two destinations got me thinking about what lessons we can learn from the tourism sector.

San Diego, California impressed me with its overall welcoming atmosphere and cleanliness. It’s a real dog-friendly city despite high-rise condos. What struck me was how easy it is to clean up after your dog, with bag dispensers at every corner. Shop and restaurant owners welcome canine customers, leaving water dishes outside for refreshments.

Banff, Alberta has a long history of welcoming visitors from all over the world to enjoy its iconic beauty. I’ve been several times, but knew little of its history and founding citizens. After a heritage walking tour, I was delighted to learn of its rich and fascinating history. During the rest of my stay, I looked at landmarks and institutions with new appreciation and understanding.

What sort of experience do you offer your donors? Are you welcoming? Do you pay attention to the little things that will delight them? Do you offer an insider’s view to engage and inform?

Good tourism attracts visitors. How can you apply this in your non profit?

Laura Mikuska


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