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What the statistics are telling you

Normally people’s eyes glaze over when we throw statistics at them, but this time, you should pay attention. It can affect your bottom line if you apply them to your nonprofit.

First, a few parameters. I’m talking about Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Territories, with results gleaned from the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations*.

Second, I’m giving you results excluding hospitals, universities and colleges, because although they constitute only 1% of the organizations in the survey, they account for almost half of the revenue (48%). Since this evidence will skew the results for the rest of the categories, we’ll leave it out.

When we talk to our clients and others in the nonprofit sector, there are some assumptions made about where the money comes from to fund their organizations. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Government funding: 32%
  • Earned income: 46%
  • Gifts and donations: 18%
  • Other income: 4%

A further breakdown of the gifts and donations reveals that 13% are from individuals and only 2% come from corporate sponsorships, donations or grants.

If this surprises you, you’re not alone. Many nonprofits think they should be going after the big corporate dollars, but in reality, it’s individuals that are most generous. Where do you spend your time? On chasing corporate sponsorships for your gala or golf tournament? Or on connecting with and engaging individual donors?

The statistics don’t lie. Change your focus and you’ll improve your bottom line.

Laura Mikuska


*This was a four-year research project that built our understanding of the charitable and nonprofit sector in Canada and its needs for capacity building. Research for the NSNVO was conducted by a consortium of organizations with Imagine Canada serving as the project lead. All of the reports based on the survey can be found here.


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