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What Bell contributes to the conversation

It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day, the second annual where Canadians are urged to tweet, text, talk and share on Facebook their thoughts on mental health.

I want to stand up and applaud Bell for getting involved in raising awareness about mental health, not just today, but through a multi-year $50 million funding initiative. I applaud them for taking an issue that touches all Canadians at some time in their lives, and opening dialogue about something that has for so long been hidden and shameful. I applaud them for giving their 60,000 employees the opportunity to make a difference in their communities.

I’ve seen some of the chat on twitter that’s critical of Bell, saying this day is crass and commercial. The point the critics are missing is that Bell has actually taken a courageous stand, and put their network behind a difficult issue.

With one in five people experiencing mental health issues every day, it’s critical for more people to understand and support their family, friends and co-workers. It’s important, too, to advocate on their behalf and get governments to put more resources into mental health supports, especially for young people.

So Bravo, Bell, for keeping the conversation going. Thanks for doing your part.

Julie Mikuska


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