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We need more busybodies!

My daughter and I ran into man-about-town Terry Macleod, host of CBC Winnipeg’s Information Radio morning program at Café Postal in St. Boniface. She expressed surprise that almost everywhere we go, I know someone there! (I knew another person there too.)

Terry explained that in a certain era, I would be known as a “busybody”, but that now I could be described as being “deeply engaged in my community”. I laughed at the comment, but it did get me thinking about how people become involved in their communities.

We hear of a growing trend of a lack of volunteerism and how it gets harder and harder to run programs in community centres, put on charity events and fill volunteer positions on non profit boards and in their organizations. Why is that? As we move through the generations, we see differences in how each generation sees their role in society. At a given time in history, it was expected that you would do some form of volunteer work. Of course, it may have been easier in the era of stay-at-home moms.

Everyone should volunteer. There are so many organizations that can use your help. Whether it’s an afternoon selling raffle tickets at the mall, helping out at a fun run, sitting on a committee or picking up some furniture, you can contribute! You can decide how much time, and even expertise, you can spare. It can be short- or long-term, just decide what works best for you. Become involved and you’ll reap the rewards by knowing you contributed to a cause you care about.

We need more busybodies – let’s get busy!

Laura Mikuska


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