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We Day: The Power of the Few

I had the privilege of attending We Day Manitoba yesterday, put on by Free the Children. It was quite inspiring to be embedded in a crowd of 18,000 young people who had to demonstrate their commitment to community just to get a seat at the event.

The organizers brought a program that was guaranteed to elicit response, and it did – whether it was a rapt crowd listening to Mikhail Gorbachev talk about how he and Ronald Reagan initiated nuclear disarmament or rocking with Craig and Marc Kielburger as they encouraged the students to Be the Change, or climbing step-by-step up Mount Kilimanjaro with Spencer West, who lost his legs at age five.

One of the more powerful images came through a story illustrating The Power of the Few. Craig told the story that his grandfather told to him, and Marc acted it out for the crowd. Craig said that Marc was a strong guy and he could likely break a pencil in half, which he proceeded to do. Craig then said Marc, a former rugby player, could probably break two pencils in half, which he then did. Craig then asked if Marc could break 24 pencils in half – which of course wasn’t possible. Look at the power of only 24, said Craig – the power of the few. A simple story, yet a perfect and lasting example.

Throughout the day, the power of storytelling shone through. The messages were simple, consistent and memorable.

Take lessons from these master storytellers, and you can engage your audiences to act for you.

Julie Mikuska


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