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Watch your language

Have you ever heard the expression, “Let’s pick the low-hanging fruit!” when talking about prospective donors? Have you ever opined that someone was “loaded” and you should “hit them up for money” because they “owe” you?

How did reading those words make you feel? How do you think a donor would feel if he or she knew you talked about them in those terms?

It’s time to get rid of this type of language and start to be respectful in our everyday thoughts and communications with and about donors. Remember, they’re not buying a car, they’re making a gift. They do it because they believe in the mission and vision of your organization and are parting with their hard-earned money because you’ve built a strong relationship and show them their investment makes a difference.

Challenge the people in your organization use language that’s gracious, thoughtful and courteous. You’ll reap the benefits.

Laura Mikuska


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