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The fundraising audit 101

You need a fundraising audit if:

  • you have a mature program and want to know how you can propel it to the next level
  • you have an events-based program and you want to start a major gifts program
  • you aren’t sure whether your program is effective
  • you want to start a fundraising program

The audit looks at your processes, policies and technology and how effective they are in supporting your program.

Processes: how you ask, acknowledge, thank, recognize, research and communicate, and who is involved

Policies: general fundraising, gift acceptance, prospective donor identification and research, naming and recognition, third-party fundraising

Technology: what you are using to keep records and generate reports

The audit reveals how you are performing now and what is required to meet your goals. It includes departments or functions outside the development office (e.g. finance, communications, marketing). It looks at how your board is (or is not) involved and what their understanding is of their role.

The audit also looks at how your development plan supports the overall organizational goals, and vice versa.

Julie Mikuska.


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