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Take control of your train

Does this describe your organization? You receive the bulk of your funding from various levels of government, who provide funds for programs. You deliver those programs for one, two or even five years before the funding is cancelled, despite any success the program has achieved. This happens because the government has changed, or has changed its priorities. Then you get another round of program funding and start to deliver.

What’s happening is that even though you’re driving your train, other people add and subtract cars and cabooses. You’re caught because you don’t receive funding for core operations and you can’t afford to fundraise because you have a shortfall in your budget. Yet, realistically, the only way you can control your train is by becoming self-sustaining.

It’s time to challenge governments and corporate, foundation and individual donors to step up and contribute to building the organization’s capacity to be self-sustaining by offering unrestricted funding. That way, your leadership can decide how best to use those funds to fulfill your mission. When you control your train, you decide which cars and cabooses you want.

Laura Mikuska


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