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Redefining the non-profit sector

Your mother, or maybe your grandmother, taught you that if you don’t have anything nice or positive to say, don’t say anything at all. Then why do we have a whole sector that is described with a negative?


It brings up negative connotations by its very nature. It puts the spotlight on financial transactions and that dreaded concept, “Overhead”. Kind of hard to get up in the morning, fired up to be a “NON”.

Yet, we have millions of dedicated people doing just that – going to work at their organizations because they believe in making a difference. Whew. That sounds better, doesn’t it?

Let’s turn the tables on NON-profits and start to talk about what is really going on here. Staff, volunteers and donors are stepping up and having an impact in their communities – turning lives around, inspiring us through art, preserving our heritage, helping puppies and kittens, saving the environment and providing good food and shelter. They’re building community centres, hospitals and schools, not to mention theatres and art galleries. Without this sector, the world would be a grim place indeed.

How does Social Impact sector sound?

A much better place for starting conversations about the work that we do, to talk about investing in social impact rather than overhead and charity. Let’s push for innovation, collaboration and partnership to maximize the good we can do. It’s not us vs. them anymore – we all live in the same community, so let’s work together. And, like mom and grandma, do it in a positive way.

Laura Mikuska and Julie Mikuska



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