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One sure-fire way to annoy your donors

I received receipts for income tax purposes from three organizations last week. Hardly surprising at this time of year, right? End of year fundraising is rampant. Except that in two of these cases, I made donations in May and July.

The other donation was made in person, in cash, at the front desk. What impressed me there was the receipt I received on the spot. Not the official one, which will be sent to me later, but a temporary one written by a volunteer empowered with this task.

Receipts are not about the organization. They are about the donor. I had completely forgotten about my earlier donations and consequently about the organizations themselves. I won’t forget about my last donation, especially since I already have a receipt in hand.

If you’re a charity that waits until the end of the year to provide receipts, think about changing this strategy. It’s annoying your donors, and even worse, making them forget about you.

Laura Mikuska


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