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Marcy Heim interviews the twins

In June, Marcy Heim interviewed Julie and Laura as part of her Major Gift Success Club. We had a great conversation on a number of topics including:

  • educating board members to talk about impact rather than overhead
  • why concentrating on low overhead is a race to the bottom
  • the most common mistakes we make when talking to donors
  • the importance of life-long learning for fundraisers
  • why you may be able to ditch your fundraising events

Marcy has generously provided us with the audio of the conversation – have a listen.

Marcy presented at the AFP Manitoba 2013 National Philanthropy Day professional development session. She is a coach and frequent speaker on asking for major gifts among other topics. She is the author of the book Empower Your Board to Serve As Effective Development Ambassadors. Check out her website!

Laura and Julie Mikuska.


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