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It’s not about you – Sponsorship vs philanthropy

Here we are, deep in fundraising gala season, with many non profits sending out their “Gold-Silver-Bronze” sponsorship packages to prospective sponsors. Sure, some will be successful in raising funds this way, as well as selling corporate tables. But could you be more successful with a different approach?

Consider this – sponsorship is not about the charitable organization, and it’s not about philanthropy. It’s about the sponsor and how you, as the organization (property) can help them achieve their goals through sponsorship. What do you have to offer (your inventory) that can help them achieve goals such as increased sales, employee engagement or exposure to your supporters?

Switch your thinking to “What’s in it for the sponsor”, not how much you need to run your program. Conduct personal discovery sessions, listening closely to what the sponsor is trying to achieve. Take that knowledge back to the office, draft a sponsorship agreement that delivers ROI, and return to hammer out the fine details. If you can deliver on your ROI, then the chances of the sponsor returning year after year are great. Done correctly, your sponsorship program will increase exponentially.

Laura Mikuska


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