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Have you considered a career in fundraising?

With a chronic shortage of experienced fundraising professionals, it’s time to reach out to those who may never have considered a career in fundraising. What does it take to be a good fundraiser? Here are the qualities:





Note that I didn’t list organizational skills, verbal and written communication skills, people management, Certified Fundraising Executive status, or financial or time management skills. Not that these skills and competencies won’t stand you in good stead as a fundraiser, but possessing the right qualities enables you to be an authentic, effective fundraiser. The rest can be learned or obtained through a supportive environment.

With these qualities, you can form genuine relationships with donors and potential donors who share a passion for your organization’s cause. It means you will likely choose to work at an organization not just based on the most competitive salary, but on your passion for the mission. And that’s a recipe for a very rewarding career.

Julie Mikuska


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