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Experiences matter

You can tell donors about impact and about their central role in transforming lives – a letter, newsletter or even in person. They’ll appreciate it and use that information to decide whether to give or give again.

But when they see it for themselves it becomes a part of them. The experience stays with them for life. Especially if it’s authentic.

Think about what experiences you can offer one person or many people. For example:

  • A theatre company takes donors on a “behind the scenes” tour, explaining at each stop what goes into putting on a production – thanks to the donors.
  • An organization dedicated to good food for everyone invites donors to a cooking class offered in a neighbourhood where newcomers are taught about cooking and nutrition.
  • A health clinic invites donors to see the power of their gifts in action at the clinic, meeting the staff and hearing about their work with clients.

Make sure your board members are invited and encouraged to engage with donors. That way, the board members get to thank the donors in person, and listen to why donors are committed to your organization.

Julie Mikuska.


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