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Engage your donors through experiences

What do you remember most vividly – something you read or heard, or something you experienced? Chances are you remember a feeling you had on a vacation or the aroma of a tantalizing meal. Consider engaging your donors more deeply by inviting them to experience your mission.

For example, a theatre company can offer a “behind the curtain” tour to its major donors, with a chance to meet the artistic director, the actors, and go onstage to imagine being in the latest show.

Perhaps you’re raising money to replace an aging play structure. Ask community members to drop in to “play” on the old structure and consider how their support could help provide a safe and fun physical learning experience for the neighbourhood children.

Universities and colleges can invite donors to existing lectures and events, based on their interests. They can offer a preferential experience, where the donors can meet the speaker and have preferred seating. They may even invite the donor and speaker to share a meal.

Examine your own assets and determine how you can best use them to cultivate and engage your donors. They won’t forget it.

Laura Mikuska



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