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Culture of engagement series, part 1

In the next few blog posts, I’ll be expanding on what a culture of engagement looks like.

First, it’s pervasive throughout the organization.

Wait, you say – isn’t that the development office’s function? In fact, it’s everybody’s responsibility. Everyone, from the front office reception to program staff to the president and CEO, contributes to the culture of engagement. Everyone has an impact on how donors are received and treated – be it open and welcoming or closed and a turn-off.

Too often, organizations operate within silos, with development, marketing, programs and administration functioning as separate entities. In particular, fundraising is seen as a distinct function and donors are the responsibility of the development department. But donors don’t get involved with an organization because of the development department. They get involved because of the mission, because they are passionate about the cause.

An engaged organization empowers its board, staff and volunteers to welcome donors, share their own perspectives with them and celebrate the partnerships.

How engaging is your organization?

Julie Mikuska.


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