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Businesses: Beyond gold, silver, bronze sponsorships

Is this scenario familiar to you?

You are approached by a charitable organization for a sponsorship, typically through a package that lists “Gold, Silver, Bronze” type recognition levels and the benefits each one provides. You’re offered a hole, a table, a booth, or some other such “visibility” opportunity. Or you’re asked to donate a prize for a silent auction or raffle in exchange for some recognition (logo soup, anyone?).

How did these types of approaches make you feel?

Most likely you felt obligated to “give back” to the community and help out the cause. That’s not a bad way to feel, but it’s certainly not what sponsorship is meant to be.

Did anyone ask you how they could help you achieve your business goals through sponsorship?

Mikuska Group Inc. is offering a new program for business – helping you define your sponsorship goals and creating a program that leverages your sponsorships to meet those goals.

We can help you:

  • understand the principles of sponsorship
  • define your business goals
  • create your program for maximum ROI

 If you want to support community causes and achieve your business goals, contact us to find out how.

Laura Mikuska.


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