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Asking volunteers to donate

Do you ask your volunteers to donate? If your answer is no, you need to rethink your strategy.

“But”, you say, “Our volunteers already give us their time! We can’t ask them for money.”


Volunteers are committed to your mission. Whether it’s by delivering meals, collecting used goods for resale, working as the receptionist, helping run your events or serving on your board, they know about the impact you’re having in the community. They see it firsthand. Who better to understand how donors make an impact on your organization?

Time is not money. By asking volunteers to also participate in your organization as donors, you’re deepening the engagement with them. Show them the impact their gifts have on the ability to deliver on the mission – beyond their time.

The number one reason people don’t give is because they aren’t asked. So ask. You won’t regret it.

Julie Mikuska


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