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Culture of engagement – part 4

Fourth in a series about the culture of engagement. Today – the development budget. Many organizations view the development budget as an expense, and proudly report to donors and others that they have the lowest cost per dollar raised. In … Continue reading

Culture of engagement – part 3

Third in a series about what a culture of engagement looks like. In an engaged organization, it’s common for a donor to have relationships with multiple people, including development staff. Think about it – donors are attracted to your organization … Continue reading

Culture of engagement – part 2

Second in a series exploring what a culture of engagement looks like. Engagement starts at home, with your staff, board and volunteers. And not just among those doing fundraising, but everyone. Don’t assume that because they are working or volunteering … Continue reading

Culture of engagement series, part 1

In the next few blog posts, I’ll be expanding on what a culture of engagement looks like. First, it’s pervasive throughout the organization. Wait, you say – isn’t that the development office’s function? In fact, it’s everybody’s responsibility. Everyone, from … Continue reading

Engagement audit

You may think your organization is responsive to donors, welcomes them, promptly acknowledges gifts and is great at engagement and stewardship. Your donors may have an entirely different experience. How can you find out? Ask several friends or colleagues from … Continue reading

Engagement: Beyond the Newsletter

Fundraisers know it takes more effort to attract new donors than to retain current donors, yet many organizations devote insufficient time to engaging their donors and creating sustainable relationships. It’s not just about sending newsletters and thank you letters, it’s … Continue reading

Ethical fundraising is not like sales

It’s amazing how often we’re asked if we take a percentage of funds raised, and how astonished prospective clients are when we say no, that happens to be unethical. Up until that moment, they have equated fundraising with sales, where … Continue reading

Fundraisers don’t come with a Rolodex

There’s a notion among some board members and senior staff at nonprofits that they can go out and hire the best darn fundraiser around, because “look what they did at X organization – they can bring their Rolodex with them … Continue reading

Gaining the trust of the community

A disturbing fact about fundraisers and the leadership in their organizations is that many don’t work together to ensure the development staff stay put long enough to learn their job and create relationships with donors. It’s hard to gain the … Continue reading

Demystifying fund development – one client’s view

Mikuska Group has been working with The Centre for Christian Studies to develop an culture of engagement, and has been mentoring the new Development Coordinator, Lori Stewart and the Principal, Maylanne Maybee in the principles and practices of fund development. … Continue reading