The Mikuska Group

Why Mikuska Group?

We’re often asked, as consultants, “How would we work with you?”

It starts with a conversation. We ask what brought you to give us a call. We chat about your goals and challenges. We find out about what you might know and what you don’t. You ask us about our approach. We begin to see how we can work together to add to what you’re doing, enhance what you’re doing, or take you in a different direction.

Note that we didn’t say that you issue a Request for Proposal and we respond to it (here’s why we don’t respond to RFPs). That’s because often, the issue you defined in the RFP is not really the problem. You say it’s a fundraising challenge. We discover it’s really a communications problem. So we must first have the conversation to build the relationship.

We’ll talk with key members of your staff and board. We’ll look at what processes, policies and technology you have (or don’t). Then we can make some recommendations about the next steps. These are based on your own circumstances and on our knowledge of fund development, communications, governance and leadership.

The first step, and the work that follows, are based on trust. You trust that we are working in your best interest, and we trust that you are open with us. We establish the goals from the outset, but if there’s a reason to go in another direction because of what we discover, we are both in a position to say yes. Or no, as the case may be. But we are open to each other’s thoughts and opinions.

We work collaboratively. That means we work together to figure out what makes sense for you. It doesn’t mean we come to you with a set of solutions we have used for all our other clients. We bring our experience and knowledge, yes. And you bring yours.

So it’s really about building a relationship and working toward agreed-upon goals. As in all great relationships, it starts with a conversation.


Businesses: Are you frustrated by being approached for sponsorships? We can help.

Heading into a capital campaign? Have you done a feasibility study?

Hiring development staff? Have you considered growing a fundraiser?

Want to get more out of your database or create one?

Boards: Want to know how to engage your donors?


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We will customize any service to meet your needs.